AC/DC – Let There Be Rock (Official Video)

Music video by AC/DC performing Let There Be Rock. (C) 1978 J. Albert & Son (Pty.) Ltd. #ACDC #LetThereBeRock #vevo #rockandroll #vevoofficial.

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  1. Gdavid Philpot

    Live on in us

  2. maryann Smith

    Love when bon jumps, these guys are the definition of rock n roll!!

  3. Jose Manuel Rodriguez

    Esto lo hacen ahora en este pais tal como estan los animos y se tienen q exiliar jajajajajj

  4. none of the above

    I prefer the original by Onslaught………….

  5. Harri Tuutti

    Long live Angus🤕🎵

  6. Cesar Ingaruca


  7. youngurbangod

    Bon Scott's in hell now.

  8. Rohit Mathur

    Rock in as hell let there be rock
    I wanna 🥁🎸🎸🎸

  9. Aleksandar Petrovic

    One of the best rock songs ever

  10. roberto ghizzardi


  11. Vegas Lover59

    When I turn on the radio nowadays I'm about to vomit. Glory old days.

  12. Peter Pan

    and the music is good and the music is loud

  13. Fatsmcgee andhisretards3

    And you could hear dam fingers picking…

  14. Evandro Ciriani


  15. Mike Fleet

    Bon scott still sadly missed. Who knows what he would have gone on to do in the music world. Amazing vocalist.

  16. ericynot

    I wonder what Bon Scott would look like today if he was still around.

  17. Donald The duky

    Bon was smiling because he just got new teeth

  18. Kevin Pippin

    You know Bon was a God when he can go whoa….. and not move his lips

  19. Micah Ebion


  20. Леонардо Донателовичь

    вы всегда снами, вы не умерли БРАТВА В МОЕМ СЕРДЦЕ

  21. Radovan Trninic

    ovi dislajkeri nek duvaju u frulu

  22. zazzleman

    imagine Back in Black with Bon

  23. val Peláez

    Sos hacker yo no me suscribi a tu canal pero me llegan notificaciones y apareces como si me ubiera suscripto

  24. Андрей Власов

    Бон Скотт охуителен

  25. Carol Collins

    How can U be dead from alcoholic poisoning and I'm not? Or are U in France ? But yes you'd be as old as me but I'm fabulous still

  26. Carol Collins


  27. Carol Collins

    I miss you Bonn Scott!

  28. Enrique Rondon

    Esta es una de mis favorita de esta banda con bon scott.los conoci por ves primera en wheaton illinois con mis primeros y mejores amigos mios tinelles americanos alos que quiero mucho y nunca los olvidare por me dieron de ellos lo mejor que se da cinceridad cariño amor respeto y amistad familiar los amo a todos.dios los bendiga siempre.

  29. Carmen Peralta

    Riff del mundon

  30. Carmen Peralta


  31. Carmen Peralta

    Bateria y guitars

  32. Daryl King

    OMG Angus looks like a teenager in this video.

  33. 1:18 Sorry no returns on the tooth fairy

  34. Gio Mar


  35. davediesel90

    Pity that 32 decibels is equivalent to a soft fart. Always makes me laugh when I hear about the 32 decibel rocking band. Great rock and roll

  36. SMF!! neverwrong

    in the Beginning Back in 1955 ?? ha

  37. Вот эта ДААААААААААА

  38. corey Harris

    Look at Angus Young play that guitar

  39. George Schlaline

    You'll be sorry at Judgement Day

  40. banjo099

    This is the story of rock'n roll.

  41. Randell Schimdt

    Who coined the phrase "Head Banger" ? Angus, Bud Bundy, Beavis, or Barry Manilow

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