Alice Cooper – Poison

Alice Cooper’s official music video for ‘Poison’. Click to listen to Alice Cooper on Spotify: As featured on Classicks …

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  1. shijedi

    I am still on highschool and everyone likes pop country or rap and I listen to this so I found this song played it on speakers in my class everyone thought I was high my teacher rocked out to it but this girl in my class I liked went from friend to girlfriend

  2. Mikey_Suze Four

    Your lips are filled with poison! Alice Cooper = My 2nd cousin IRL related by blood/marriage. 😉

  3. Clarissa Paul

    My fiend who i liked in primary.this is her face song

  4. Jonas Jezussek

    luv it

  5. Gothic marshallsay

    The best type of music ever

  6. Peregrine C

    I love Alice Cooper. I saw the Trash tour when I was 18… Freaking amazing…

  7. Jimmy Couch

    Only one Alice, never be another one. Dam I love his music………

  8. Depressive Tangela

    Goddamn, I wish my hair looked like Alice Cooper’s.

  9. Chris Beard

    At least our generation knows good music you got to feel sorry for the kids of today

  10. Lynda Muir

    I'm also 60! I love Alice-always have-i love dancing to his music! You don't stop dancing cos you're old! You get old when you STOP dancing!

  11. Itachi Uchiha


  12. MasterRoshi69

    Appreciate the fact this came out when he was 40

  13. redbesenman

    Iss so

  14. Leonardo C.

    That 70's show?

  15. redbesenman

    My Work 😛

  16. CrO Horkus

    im 16 and im listening to this and its amazing

  17. vermeir lesley

    Poisen your poisen Running true my vains one look could kill your touch there s poisen i better not touch your touch one look could kill my pain your trill

  18. jozek sitko

    to jest cos

  19. Dolly Dagger

    I remember where I was when I first saw this video. I was home from school with acute pneumonia (very bad), and I spent daytime on the couch whispering sweet nothings to a tub of Vicks and seeing this video and I loved it. That was back when Much Music played videos. The video must have debuted that week, cos they played it often during the day, everyday I was home from school. Great memories! 🖤🖤🖤

  20. Peter Arnold

    Alice, the one an only. One of the last topacts.

  21. басильда

    Глаз у него какой то ебанутый

  22. Jessika Lopez

    Gran temazo del recuerdo muy bueno jessika de Montevideo Uruguay aguante el rock clásico!!!!

  23. Holly Eclipse

    This needs to be played loud


    Er veleno dajeporcoddiooooooo!!!!!!

  25. Double Cherry

    91 год, VHS, мне 3 года, первый клип который увидел на кассете… Такой больше музыки нету…

  26. Женя А

    круто че)

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