Bring Me The Horizon – MANTRA (Official Audio)

aмo – тнe вrand new alвυм oυт jan 25тн pre-order: ғιrѕт love world тoυr мanтra мercн …

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  1. Matteo 'Bambi'

    Do you want some Yakult with me? I’m not digesting like I oughta be…

  2. Marisa Kirisame

    People who complain about their new sound/style really need to stop. Because trust me I don't think anyone actually wants like 5-6 albums of the same sound/style. A change in style is quite refreshing.

  3. Steven Sh

    Shallow people unwilling to grow

  4. Steven Sh

    One more time fucking great!!!!

  5. Samuel Davey

    This whole song sucks except the starting

  6. Anton Prokopenko

    >oυт jan 25тн
    r u fuckin kidding? im planning my suicide, but you r going to release an album on my birthday?

  7. Ahmed Kim

    Genre: Alternative rock, Hard rock, Electronic rock, Pop rock

  8. Taniya Jackson


  9. อนุรักษ์ คงดี


  10. Vanessa Spolovich

    They're back

  11. Babar Afridi

    I bet u will like this one…

  12. The ARMS Collective

    Someone should tell ol' BMTH that the "M" logo they threw on this has been used already by another band. You mighta heard of 'em. They're called Mudvayne.

  13. FUSIONESS 24

    This is good!

  14. Lavinia Benedic

    26 years old now … still listening to them since 2008 … 😀
    Thank you for no letting us down m/

  15. Lane Bell

    What a wonderful life

  16. Alexandra L Trevillian

    um yes?

  17. Somebody has been listening to a lot of Skindred.

  18. Nezman Cole

    Where's the album?

  19. danistotallyanormalboy 666

    I got my mom singing this and it's amazing

  20. Lexy Dingler

    Their next show is where I am. But bout an hour away

  21. Band obsessed Psycho

    1:19 Siri is that you?

  22. zean freak

    there's no something new, but your hair 😀

  23. Teriyaki Tears

    They said they were gonna be pop but guess not??? I guess it's still "metal"core lol

  24. Shua's Load

    Es una pena que hayan perdido la calidad que tenían hace unos años pero bueno… Al final de cuentas todas las bandas se han vendido a lo comercial, tanto Of mice & men, Asking alexandria como BMTH se echaron a perder por hacer dinero

  25. Holy Namjoon

    It’s been a while since I last listened to bmth they don’t disappoint ♥️

  26. Adam Ladd

    Sounds like Royal Blood

  27. Moe The Mom

    Dear YouTube,
    Please make an auto-replay button!!!!

  28. Zombi3kill3r00

    I'm pretty sure every fan would wanna start a cult with him just sayin'

  29. Vlada Lagoda

    God bless them for putting the lyrics in the description


    No que cantaba ahora en LINKIN PARK Oliver 😕

  31. Ryan Ader

    Love BMTH

  32. Crown4 King

    Could not stand the screamo days but these last few albums are fire !! Coming from a massive rap fan !!

  33. William Selwitschka

    I liked bmth's old stuff but with the new stuff i like them more i think it fits more with oli's voice

  34. daBak93

    It will piss you off! Awesome song

  35. tachyonicundy

    This is like being given a drink of cold water on a hot day… It satisfies that right feeling! 🔥🔥

  36. Michael Uhlir

    I'm 47. I have heard a lot of great music thru the years… People, seriously, BMTH is one of the most talented, electric, genius bands I have ever heard.

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