Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode

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  1. B03 Unlikly Goddess

    the best

  2. Keyshawn Estberg

    bttf brought me to this

  3. Troy Oliver

    Now I know exactly what Eminem was talking about in his song the real slim shady

    “I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley, to do black music so selfishly, and use it to get my self wealthy…Hey!!!”


    kind of rock and roll

  5. Nicholas Miello

    vruh i hihg rn

  6. marty mcfly's best music 😀

  7. the yappy

    Jovo je lud!!

  8. Diablo Intercept

    The real King Of Rock & Roll

  9. Chris Nelson

    I'll never forget my 10 year class reunion when I tore up my ax to this song all the spoiled little brats just stood there dumbfounded

  10. Evan Connors

    Oh, and try to keep up.

  11. Matthew Hill

    The King of Rock & Roll

  12. Francisco Oliveira

    The legend. Indesctrutibile. Top!!!

  13. Gold Players

    he can play guitar just like ringing a bell! good mate

  14. [Squatterloki]

    Too bad Chuck Berry can only play this half as good as the original player…

  15. Nate Clapp

    Kitty kat

  16. Efraim Newman

    Great piano to go with the guitar.

  17. Nick Hammer

    Chuck was everything we wanted !

  18. Berry Dark

    6,000 millenials disliked this video.

  19. Christina Masden

    Do you guys think the aliens liked this song

  20. Charlie brown here we the black stuff let's go jhonny go

  21. halo69091

    Poop man

  22. Caleb Herbert

    6.8K people just don’t know!!

  23. anti asperger 2001

    hippie: hey atras esta tu madre
    lucas: no para de llorar
    flint: no para de llorar
    ninten: se enoja
    ness: se enoja

  24. Alex Ortiz

    Le robaste el tema a tu primo gato

  25. Gabrielly Ferreira

    Esvis Presley who?

  26. Alonzo Reyes

    Go mcfly go mcfly go


    this was music not that crap that is seen as music called hip hop

  28. Patrick Saldana

    Hot Damn, is this a great song or what?!?

  29. DN_ OUX

    Hi guys

  30. Nathan Justice

    punk rock

  31. nolwenn mevel


  32. Razo Minasyan

    November 2018?

  33. Bob Stevens

    That Gibson guitar was played the right way by him. You can hear the hallow construction odd the instrument. It’s almost like they designed it for Chuck

  34. Bob Stevens

    2018 and he’s still the best. What an absolute talent. I hope my music translates as well as his did

  35. fox mueller

    YoU KNow ThAT NEW SouND YOure LooKIn FoR…

  36. Marshal Smith

    Go go jhonney

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