Coldplay – Yellow

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  1. Bee Ming hoo

    This music to be yellow is very nice for me

  2. Noah Topan

    all year until best song ever made

  3. Ali Murtadhonuri

    First saw this video was on MTV Asia Hit List back in 2003 every Friday afternoon. What a beautiful years 🙂

  4. Robert Smeagles

    wow bro, my parents swam across and killed Nazis…shut your bitch ass up.

  5. Darth Vader

    I always listen to this song when i go walking around at night's and look up to the stars.

  6. Hide Rios

    Who ever disliked get out

  7. Lingkan Kandouw

    yg ke sini gara2 "the smile has left your eyes" siapa???😂

  8. Khoa Nguyen

    Trust me, I am not here because of CRAZY RICH ASIANS!!!

  9. Ricardo José Tineo Gonzalez

    my canción dedicada a my amor Ivanka….💖💖💖💖🇺🇸🇩🇴

  10. Ricardo José Tineo Gonzalez

    cuando yo era joven….

  11. GemmaDoyleOfficial

    Love Love Love this! <3 Thank you Coldplay x

  12. Rafael Santos

    Ponémelo en la cola divino :3

  13. Peter Houle

    no sober man walked on that beach that day

  14. irishcoliny


  15. john seasider

    My daughter was 5 when this came out. I already had two older lads, and she was our one girl. I used to cry singing this to her. Thanks for the memories.

  16. Brian Ataide Palmeiras

    2018 Outubro? 🇧🇷💪🎶❤💥

  17. Desiree Walters Live Your Journey

    Still listening

  18. Leslie Griffin

    He look like out of it Is he singing about speed come in yellow

  19. Zona Zoe

    Hopefulness & beauty of young love. I adore this song

  20. Patricia Leal


  21. N.Z Arina

    spotify brought me here !! 🙂

  22. Nur Azyan

    The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. 😍

  23. shaik mohammad haneef

    Just magical …

  24. Shane Folan

    filmed in studland bay, Dorset

  25. Nguyễn Hiếu

    I love this song, 2018 ^^

  26. Набила Х

    Who's else come here after watch kdrama??? I dont remember the tittle because it was super long😬

  27. Ssh Yuh

    The way they shine 4 u 0w0^^ ** + **

  28. 강재민

    와씨 노래 개져아

  29. bobo shi


  30. I really fell in love with this song right before I lost my son when I was 6 months pregnant. It makes me think of him every time.

  31. Stephanie Carrillo Pire

    for you I bleed myself dry…por ti mami

  32. Elvis Tec

    :(… 2018

  33. Calderón

    beautiful song !!! 😉

  34. Nivaldo Alves

    Cadê os Br com bom gosto que ouve Coldplay ?

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