Dua Lipa – IDGAF (Official Music Video)

Dua Lipa – IDGAF: Artistic direction: Henry Scholfield & Mosaert (Paul Van Haver aka Stromae and Luc Junior Tam) Director: Henry Scholfield …

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  1. sarthak sarangle

    she is looking so cute doing these strange dance steps😍

  2. Natalie Mcknight

    boo boo

  3. Kadey Jones

    Who’s still obsessed with this song I know I am👍💕

  4. lil mathy

    Se copio de duki :V

  5. Becca禦寒

    she seemed was hurt so badly by love

  6. ersof 12

  7. Holly Adams

    Love it

  8. Holly Adams


  9. «Ithan»

    I love you: Dualipa.❤

  10. Wesley Julio

    #EleSim, sabe de nada, e continua linda como sempre porra, pena que é burra!!!

  11. PrinceRyoma RBLX

    Are you saying that you don't give a fuck about Paul klein? You don't care about his apology?

  12. Ivan Aziel Contreras Ureña


  13. Kermit the Frog


    Can I get 6.8k likes?

  14. Kermit the Frog

    Why do I think of Gabbie Hanna when I hear this song

  15. vijaya annavarapu

    Dua l
    Dua li
    Dua lip
    Dua lipa
    Dua lipa f
    Dua lipa fa
    Dua lipa fan
    Dua lipa fans
    Dua lipa fans h
    Dua lipa fans hi
    Dua lipa fans hit
    Dua lipa fans hit h
    Dua lipa fans hit he
    Dua lipa fans hit her
    Dua lipa fans hit here


  16. Ait el hadj Hamza

    She is American?

  17. yasmin oliveira

    Amo essa música ,amo dua lipa ❤️❤️❤️^_^

  18. Antonio Ramirez

    Love you're voice Dua…. 😎😍 One and Only.

  19. Just passing by here in the comments

    This is some hard shit editing right here💕💓love it👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻

  20. Santiago Restrepo Castillo

    I recently decided to cut off a lot of people from my life. I realized I was surrounded by toxic people who were draining my happiness and making me feel miserable most of the time…It's been hard feeling all alone, but it's better than forcing things with people who made me feel like it's ridiculously hard to love me or spend time with me. Looking forward to the future.

  21. Analise Frazier

    So this is what happens in a tipod.

  22. tazmin rehman

    Still obsessed

  23. Kaylyn Marie Dunn

    This is sooo dope

  24. Ari Aria


  25. Laura Castaño


  26. Apenas Youtuber

    E depois falam que brasileiros são iguais…😂😍

  27. Zaiba Chougle

    October, 2018 ?

  28. Amy Stone

    Wait! They are the same people!

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