Eminem – Cleanin’ Out My Closet

Playlist Best of Eminem: Subscribe for more: Music video by Eminem performing Cleanin’ Out My Closet. (C) 2002 …

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  1. angel di maria

    2018 ?

  2. Divyansh Srivastava

    Why he wanted us to cryyyy yyyy

  3. Prashant Kumar

    Cleaning out my closet vs headlights

  4. Susanne Hadden

    Takes guts to sing this song, yeah baby!

  5. Nacho kapanga

    11 de octubre del 2018. Argentina te amo

  6. Austin Evans

    Why are all these older em vids sensored now??? FUCK

  7. Ellie Silva

    I love this song I think my mom forgot this song she loved to play this so much so yeah

  8. Dub Beats

    He went through shit his mom was a drug addiction in pretty was abuse too but he also got stab with a ice knife at school almost die….

  9. skyblood77 cards

    I hate the mom she freaking through his card


    Eminen I Love 😍

  11. Tatjana Schwabauer


  12. Jah Roos

    2018 and still a hit

  13. kalli dend

    this song touched my heart when I was 12 years old
    Since then I love you ΕΜΙΝΕΜ ❤❤

  14. Deborah

    Eminem – my idol 🙏

  15. Vitalik ReD

    10.10.2018 hello

  16. Athena Bristow

    I love his.music

  17. Geraldoo Vradi

    Nyomjátok!!!!!!!! EMINEM a király,a legjobb elöado a világon!!!! Pörgessétek!!!

  18. Katherine Nack

    Dein Lied.. Mein Held du fehlst mir sehr.. Heute ist dein 13todestag und der Schmerz ist immer noch nicht weniger geworden

  19. Sr Noobッ

    Algum BR, que não entendeu nada mais achou foda?

  20. Triggering Thieves

    2018 any one?????/

  21. lebi pixabaj

    Dammm em the goat

  22. Gang Shit

    Dear mama but Eminem version

  23. RPM Revolución Por Minuto

    2018 Like Sound 📣🎧🎹🎶🎵🎤

  24. WorldEater 1174


  25. Starchildfrom 90s

    Love this shit this goes out to all the horrible parents who didn’t deserve children especially mine.

  26. [GD] Underdasher

    MGK doesn’t even have such a huge vocabulary of words and lines

  27. The Rival

    Eminem eats Mom's spagetti
    Mom gets angry
    Eminem:"İ am sorry momma"

  28. Itsurgirl EVA

    This is so sad I feel so bad 😭

  29. megan angell bulosan

    Bit his story is a bit a sad. The whole track is cool tho

  30. megan angell bulosan

    His rap says alot. Words arent repeating…it all make sense. RAP GOD INDEED

  31. megan angell bulosan

    This might sound lyk a diss track for his mother but this is deep

  32. Dinula28

    Now, I would never diss my own mama just to get recognition
    Take a second to listen 'fore you think this record is dissin'
    But put yourself in my position, just try to envision
    Witnessin' your mama poppin' prescription pills in the kitchen
    Bitchin' that someone's always goin' through her purse and shit's missin'
    Goin' through public housing systems, victim of Münchausen's Syndrome
    My whole life I was made to believe I was sick when I wasn't
    'Til I grew up, now I blew up, it makes you sick to your stomach, doesn't it?
    Wasn't it the reason you made that CD for me, Ma?
    So you could try to justify the way you treated me, Ma?
    But guess what, you're gettin' older now and it's cold when you're lonely
    And Nathan's growin' up so quick he's gonna know that you're phony
    And Hailie's gettin' so big now, you should see her, she's beautiful
    But you'll never see her—she won't even be at your funeral!
    See, what hurts me the most is you won't admit you was wrong
    Bitch, do your song, keep tellin' yourself that you was a mom!
    But how dare you try to take what you didn't help me to get?
    You selfish bitch, I hope you fuckin' burn in hell for this shit!
    Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me?
    Well, guess what, I am dead—dead to you as can be!

  33. Dinula28

    Have you ever been hated or discriminated against?
    I have—I've been protested and demonstrated against
    Picket signs for my wicked rhymes, look at the times
    Sick as the mind of the motherfuckin' kid that's behind
    All this commotion, emotions run deep as oceans, explodin'
    Tempers flarin' from parents, just blow 'em off and keep goin'
    Not takin' nothin' from no one, give 'em hell long as I'm breathin'
    Keep kickin' ass in the morning and takin' names in the evenin'
    Leave 'em with a taste as sour as vinegar in they mouth
    See, they can trigger me, but they'll never figure me out
    Look at me now! I bet you're probably sick of me now
    Ain't you, Mama? I'ma make you look so ridiculous now!

    I'm sorry, Mama, I never meant to hurt you
    I never meant to make you cry
    But tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet (One more time!)
    I said I'm sorry, Mama, I never meant to hurt you
    I never meant to make you cry
    But tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet

    [Verse 2]
    I got some skeletons in my closet
    And I don't know if no one knows it
    So before they throw me inside my coffin and close it
    I'ma expose it; I'll take you back to '73
    Before I ever had a multi-platinum-selling CD
    I was a baby, maybe I was just a couple of months
    My faggot father must have had his panties up in a bunch
    ‘Cause he split, I wonder if he even kissed me goodbye
    No, I don't, on second thought, I just fuckin' wished he would die
    I look at Hailie, and I couldn't picture leavin' her side
    Even if I hated Kim, I'd grit my teeth and I'd try
    To make it work with her at least for Hailie's sake
    I maybe made some mistakes
    But I'm only human, but I'm man enough to face 'em today
    What I did was stupid, no doubt it was dumb
    But the smartest shit I did was take the bullets out of that gun
    ‘Cause I'da killed him, shit, I woulda shot Kim and him both
    It's my life, I'd like to welcome y'all to The Eminem Show

    I'm sorry, Mama, I never meant to hurt you
    I never meant to make you cry
    But tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet (One more time!)
    I said I'm sorry, Mama, I never meant to hurt you
    I never meant to make you cry
    But tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet

  34. XxTomisxX G

    This is really or …

  35. Smiley Face

    Although this song was a deep meaning to him at the time, he made a follow up song Headlights where he forgave his mom and even says he cringes at this song

  36. fan shinee

    Eminem is LEGEND

  37. santiago mendoza Rivera


  38. Nikki Hart

    Yes..M G. Xx

  39. Time Anime

    2018 ! ✔✔

  40. vestac99

    the man who burned everyone who stood against him from his mom to some noname mumble rapper

  41. Ahmed Khader

    stop filling the comment section with mgk

  42. Sangam Kalyan

    If ever feel sad for not having an iphone then watch this video

  43. daddylongschlong

    Diss track on his mom too lmao

  44. Ankit Dudy

    You are great Eminem😄😄😄😄

  45. A genuine artist, with genuine meaning.
    He's got skills.

  46. Elma Mesi

    Fakju. Mama. Ju

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