Hailee Steinfeld – Rock Bottom ft. DNCE

Rock Bottom ft. DNCE (Official Video) Song available on the new EP HAIZ Download Today! Stream/Share “Rock Bottom” ft. DNCE …

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  1. Selina Juwakinyu


  2. iBoxSDC sdc

    what a beautiful girl

  3. jay Pazare

    So wait …..
    There is a wrong side to rock bottom

  4. rohir thakur

    I love you

  5. katrina iniguez

    i wish i looked like herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Hannah Dearden

    Who else sings like they can relate but will actually never find love? Just me…. okay!
    Errrrrmmmm anyone here in 2018????? 😅

  7. Где я эти лица видел?🤔

  8. Jibzy Luigi

    I remember when she featured from MV of The Cab.

  9. Teresa Lobo

    love this song

  10. Nyk Collins

    Anyone else saw her in the Edge of Seventeen before you discovered her?

  11. Haider Ikram


  12. georgeta98 italy


  13. Ninja Cat

    The look on hailee's face when he took her food, no one, no one, touches a girls food

  14. Cookiez_4ev

    I love how they harmonize with each other❤️

  15. Rohan Poddar

    It just pains my heart to watch hailee kiss other guys in every video😞

  16. Mads Carpenter

    2018??? I know I'm not alone

  17. Daniel Medeiros

    (Andreza)Essa música é linda!!!!🎶❤ Haillei Steinfald e DNCE!!!🎶❤😍 Brasiiil 💚💛💙🍃

  18. Home Sick Alien.

    i thought it was ufo cover!

  19. Anaru Phillips

    this song is a reminder to you all that it is about the overwhelming drama with hailee and her boyfriend on the unsettle issue about the toilet seat being up or down. Lol..

  20. King Travis Searles

    Excellent work Hailee and very pretty too! Like a Queen!

  21. Naomi Bishop

    i dont like her, but i like her songs


    I love this song so much! If he stole my sour patch kids I would kick him Lol

  23. unicorn horn

    bring back memory

  24. vespa 001

    OCTOBER 2018


  25. sonija rokka

    i think thumbnail of this song is changed

  26. Jaimie Houck

    It’s very rare that i like today’s music but Hayliee is special and all her songs are amazing. She is a really great artist. I would see her in concert and for me to say that is very rare.

  27. Sharmin Jahan

    October 2018??


    Oh I really love in her to much my Juliet ♥♥♥♥♥

  29. Jai Zaens

    I always thought this was a Taylor Swift song, I'm so sorry

  30. Brianna Smadu


  31. Adventure Gurl

    Hey guys this kinda reminded me of well…….. who I have a crush on cause we both kinda look like you two but of course he doesnt know I like him and I really wish he did he's super cute and …………. I just think hes really cute if i get 20 likes I will tell him i have a crush on him!

  32. dandelion life

    She's so beautiful!

  33. Andrew Kinney

    pretty good

  34. Elissa Rose Holmes

    Joe’s still hotter than ever 😍😍😍

  35. Rylie Woods


  36. Rylie Woods


  37. Rylie Woods

    B anymore 7 🎊😙💘😌🐷🐹🐑🐰🐷🐽🐽🐑🐹🐷🐹🐑🐽

  38. brittany fodge

    She sounds like T swift in this song

  39. Drew Joseph

    I legit can’t get enough of this song! I listened to it once and then I bought the song! Hailee, I love you and you’re absolutely amazing!!❤️

  40. Maxim Money

    Всем привет. Залетайте ко мне на канал, уже завтра премьера обзора на Бамблби)

  41. Grace C.

    i love her so much omg

  42. Leen Pierre

    Who is hearing this in October 2018

  43. John Robert Elardo

    is that guy name "Jayden" the one that you kissed?

  44. Kaylin Menezes

    Rough Times with relationships……………hope they turn out better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Suicide Boy

    Why do I assume every boy girl collaboration they bang after

  46. Lizbeth Alvarado

    Who else thinks she should make more music?

  47. Steamy Stylish

    Dwayne Johnson likes this song



  49. Katie Copeland-Taylor

    2018-2019 ??? ❤️❤️❤️

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