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Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation – Dracula vs. the Kraken: Van Helsing (Jim Gaffigan) uses the Instrument of Destruction to hypnotize and turn the Kraken …

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  1. ii fnatiki2

    Dmdmdmdmdmdm dmadma song beat to eat dracula and locks up erica so she wont save him

  2. Michael _T

    1:02 waking up for school

  3. "BOHOLD"

  4. Yolimar Belandria

    Que cancion de lo ultimo

  5. Mariah Nobles

    Does the bad song have a name?

  6. Swanton Uzumaki the angel wolf furry

    Am I the only one who feels sad when the blobby dog is headed towards the ledge?

  7. Uriel Resendix

    In the other movie he defeat a lot of monster

  8. Uriel Resendix

    How about Denis beat him

  9. Azulia Zafrio


  10. Shark King

    most cool music on the world:D

  11. Damn Daniel27

    0:21 the song starts

  12. sparking thunder

    It may be evil but I really love that kraken beat

  13. Teagan Brickler

    Ian my brother:WHATS THAT gos up stairs and put food up there
    Me:OH UH turns it off
    Ian:lets look at watch now WHAT IS THAT LIL SIS
    me:a song
    Ian:*beats me up*
    Our house is dumb down stairs are 4 couchs 2 in a different room and the living room 2 up stairs is my mum room my grandma room and my room IM 8 SO I DONT SLEEP IN MY ROOM no really im 8 in the bathroom is my brother room WHICH IS THE ATTIC WHY IS THE ATTIC IN THE BATHROOM so when i said up stairs i meant his room which is high edit:THXS FOR LIKEING MY COMMENT

  14. Крутышка Енот

    Aaaaa Makareno

  15. Midna Animates

    Sorry I tried to kill you, buuuut I like you now since this is a kids movie and I cant kill anyone so yeah!

  16. janek lewy

    Sumon the kraken

  17. panzer gg


  18. DotaNeil

    I like the evil music

  19. Ahmed Ashham

    Nice beat

  20. lenny angeladin uy

    Me:kick him =_=

  21. the last kraken

    And that evil music has been defeated by macarena😂

  22. TheNoob

    What a great scene to have sick beats

  23. Ixian kiel Castillo

    Um why is a bat can't fly

  24. Axel Macedonio

    At the end when they become friends they go back to the hotel and dracula and ericka go to the roof and dracula asks ericka to be his wife

  25. Teije Stolk

    Bad music is cool

  26. Adrian Garcia


  27. lanze :v

    Xx_Kraken_Lord_xX Joined the game

  28. Thomas Hanna

    It sounds like indian music

  29. Phantom Girl

    I'm sorry, but this is too weird for me. This has turned from sweet movie about monsters, now it's this… -_-

  30. loolya3

    Hes literally right next to you why the hell you didnt just punch him and knock him out

  31. •3•Alain •3•

    Dam the evil music beat is actully good

  32. فاطمة الشحي


  33. Ana Hudson


  34. Blake Bridges

    You know I remember when summoning the kraken was classy. Now we have techno remixes summoning it.

  35. Edenylson Rosales


  36. Awesome Robert plays Roblox

    2:00 to 2:15 epic dodge

  37. Damien Adamek

    What’s the music, I love it?

  38. mason ranks

    Legitimately good song even if I didn't like the movie

  39. Gojira 92 the Kaiju


  40. NinjaPuppy

    If Dracula can shapeshift why doesn't he shapeshift into a bigger kraken monster?

  41. Cute dogs

    Dracula could use his ability to stop time!

  42. Estrella Salazar


  43. Estrella Salazar


  44. Estrella Salazar


  45. Estrella Salazar

    What 😮 she doing her

  46. Estrella Salazar

    Die die

  47. Elise Butcher

    1.14 when you are sitting at your desk, the teacher bends over and the teachers butt is in your face.

  48. Leo Silva

    Like video 1:54

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