Hozier – Take Me To Church Lyric Video

Andrew Hozier-Byrne (born 17 March 1990), known simply as Hozier, is an Irish musician from Bray, County Wicklow. No copyright intended.

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  1. Dayana Espinoza

    November? 😂

  2. I only know this song cuz of the old mtv

  3. Siggy in CR

    I find it strange that everybody says this song somehow references homosexuality but the lyrics don't mention it at all. Yes, I know the video shows two guys, but wouldn't it be more likely that the gay angle on this was thought of after the song was written and recorded. Just seems a bit odd to write a song about something but not allude to it whatsoever in the lyrics.

  4. iWytroe

    Brings back memories 😀😁😁

  5. Rain dear Plays

    Anyone in 2018 I am

  6. lieah Voy

    What’s the meaning of this song

    It is a good song btw just don’t kn the actual meaning pls help me

  7. irene jeanne solis


  8. Nino Khositashvili

    its song is very sad and okay

  9. Dikke Bonktorr


  10. Michael Duplechien

    Everyone who listens to this song is emo as s##t.

  11. Naomi Whitlock

    I don't understand why, but this song makes me feel everything. Sadness, anger, love, etc. I just ruined my relationship with my best friend, and I have cried and cried. When I heard this song, I couldn't stop crying, it's not because we would listen to this song together, but because this song feels like my life. The "your" in this, is not me, but my life. I just want to feel okay. But how.

  12. Emily Landriault


  13. Amber Smith

    I love this song❤
    It has a lot of underlying references to a lot of stuff regular ppl wont notice or realize….. But its a beautiful description of paganism…

  14. Jacy Elliott

    Me listing to this in the afterlife

  15. Sprite Barker

    loudly shouts IM BIIIIII trips back into closet

  16. jennifer marcum

    It's song is my mom favorite and this is last song she see before God taken out of this world

  17. Emily Wagner

    i go to church it is lit

  18. Emily Hartsoe

    I feel like being a lesbian and having a crush on your best friend that is a preachers daughter makes this even more sentimental 🙃😊

  19. D Bradley


  20. Kittens Space

    Still here

  21. Martjuuh vG

    I’m atheist but this is an amazing song

  22. Pink Firework

    I was listening to this and my mom's like, "YOU'RE CHRISTIAN HOW DARE YOU!" I'm just like, "That's not the meaning but ok."

  23. Natalie Pivaral

    Love the song

  24. Stephanie Kuhlers

    Cutting is pain, an for the ones who cut all plz try to stop. It won't take the past away. I know its hard but it's only gonna hurt in the end. Be the story, be the song, be the hero to save someone else who does

  25. 1200 BC someone ?

  26. padrini gallardo

    who's listening in 2019-20

  27. Erni el muisca

    Why she?? If God is Man for humans. I don't understand Hello from Colombia.

  28. Belinda Ayala

    Amen ,Amen 🙏

  29. Heather Brown

    I can't believe I lived without this song I also love imagine dragons

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