Lil Skies – Creeping ft. Rich The Kid (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lil Skies – Creeping (feat. Rich The Kid) Prod. Menoh Beats …

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33 Yorum

  1. Jewel Northam

    I lobe this song

  2. Javon Dunn

    like if lil skies was batter then lil pump

  3. Javon Dunn

    she dont be fucking with brke boys

  4. Êxiliøn

    Showed this To My crush ….

    Now im her Crush

  5. oLimited Yas

    This song is a vortex

  6. Eduardo gamesmobile

    Kd os br

  7. Matthieu 2025Esler


  8. demon god

    Juice wrld and lil skis will my the best song ever

  9. DJ Primax

    Like this if Lil Skies is better than 6ix9ine

  10. Daekotazz •_•

    That autotune tho💖😍

  11. Elza Go

    my favorite clip from lil skies

  12. U.G.L.Y _King

    Lil skies bullshit u creepy😈😈😈
    Rich the kid is the lit

  13. Jack Hicken


  14. i love Lil peep


  15. Andrew Negrete

    Who’s watching October 31 like if you get it

  16. Corban Plays

    Like if xxxtentacion was the best rapper

  17. Alma Hernandez S

    She is Hot😘😍

  18. Chris Smith

    iamaked my nam is william[ =

  19. Cyncere Smith

    Get out the way my turn 1:41

  20. queen T

    Yo bill don't get any ideas

  21. 👌✌💞

  22. Jessy Adam

    ending of the song:by the way its with lil skies…


  23. 冷たい心ツ

    My Name Is 冷たい心

  24. Matthew Burtch


  25. Neymar Jr.

    It's lit i love ❤️ it

  26. Go Pack

    Both these guys make a perfect duo for this song

  27. Dominik Bianco

    I am

  28. Denise Williams

    Lil skies is a better raper Than 69

  29. Aventuras chrisyuri


  30. Black Knight

    Who still here this be lit 🔥

  31. Sasa_ G4mePlays

    so Coll

  32. papi rara games


  33. Jesus & Erick Solrio

    Sad do hot girl bus best

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