Özgür Baba – Dertli Dolap

Elif’in Hecesi’nin sene-i devriyesinde yeniden Özgür Baba; kadim dostu cura ve Yunus’un sözleri ile… On the first year of Elif’in Hecesi; Özgür Baba again with …

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  1. SanguineUltima

    Another world that seems much more real than the one I am living in.

  2. Marcel Duarte

    Not sure how this video came up in my page, but im not complaining. Beautiful, beautiful. Im from Brazil and i can´t sleep tonight. We are about electing a neo fascist president tomorrow and violence, murder and intolerance is rising in our horison. I realise turkish people knows exactly what im talking about. Thanks for the peaceful moments you provided to this dark night.

  3. Tiago Leitônez

    Greetings from Brazil! 🌏🌎🌍✊🙏🏻

  4. Jow Lorenz

    nice shotgunshots in the background at 9:25 !
    the chickens are getting restless …

  5. Jow Lorenz

    wow — looks like Brant Bjork sure got old fast !

  6. Myles Franco

    Are those bombs dropping in the back ground? what the heck was that. Beautiful, and ominous. why ominous

  7. wildlandsTV

    Why are his clothes so nice and clean?

  8. John finlayson contreras

    cool as heck

  9. Sara Chiamolera

    I would love to know, in which musical style this beautiful music fits? <3 I'm from Brazil, I really liked the song, thanks

  10. Sternkieker Schnuppe

    Weniger ist manchmal mehr.🤗

  11. junktube4000

    The turkish Burzum.

  12. Eren Özkılınç

    ortama gel, doğal ortam.

  13. Keegan Bradshaw

    Cat decides to take a front row seat at 4:07

  14. He looks so young and so old at the same time

  15. The Modern Hermeticist


  16. vishal puri

    Jai ho Ozgur Babaji 🙏

  17. Ludwig Braconnier

    what is this instrument ?

  18. Gamze Yavaş

    Seni, sesini ve curanı çok özledim Özgür Baba..

  19. Alex Ander

    Blessed music …

  20. Matt Gloss

    Thank you for this.

  21. Ayşe Çakır

    Şimdi ben yüreği yangın içinde şurada içimin acısını çekiyorken her solukta, yangın yeriyken şu içim, hasretinden kahr olduğumu nereden bileceksin… durup durup dalıyorken sana bize, suskunluğumun bundan olduğunu nereden bileceksin. Böylesine severken, içimi dökerken satırlara sesimi nereden duyacaksın. C. Ayşen 26.10.2018 Cuma

  22. TheCanito12

    Concert for the cat!! Nice music. Greetings from México City

  23. Brian Carroll

    the cat's into it until he starts singing…

  24. Angelo Monopoli Roca

    HOBBIT reborn

  25. Jon Walker

    stunning thankyou so much a real experience from beginning to end 🙂 thankyou

  26. Atho 137

    Touch my heart, except the moment when you ear shoots and animal's screaming.

  27. Ydalir Ullrsson

    I positively do like the song and the music an the scenery.
    The text as Google Translator puts it, reads rediculus and so I cannot believe in Google Translator.
    Can someonePLEASE provide a translation in reasonable and sensible english (or even German)?

  28. Tom Reynolds

    Gotta say that the chickens are adding to this in a wonderful way!!!

  29. Magari Kaci

    Let him play Doors- the end

  30. Daniel Ibanez

    Beautiful music and sentiment.
    Thanks for sharing

  31. kosmikmusa

    Thanks to this kind of media. We can enjoy these live performances otherwise impossible.

  32. Shane's Aegis

    A glimpse of divine beauty

  33. Stéphane Chadourne

    Magique ! Tout est magique dans cette vidéo, la musique, l'artiste, le chat, les poules, le cadre…

  34. Σακησ Γεοργιοσ Ολλανδια


  35. ivan rojas

    No body Cares about the fat Cats on the second plane

  36. john davies

    Every now and then when trying to avoid the pervasive rubbish that seems to monopolize YouTube you stumble upon something so beautiful and mesmerizing that it renews your faith in our ability as a species. This is a fine example…chickens and all.

  37. Piernico Fè


  38. Charlie Lucero

    Nice orange and olive trees

  39. Philou Mars

    Very nice.

  40. Kawakeb Astra

    Ohhh .. wonderful .. what a pastoral scene .. fruit hanging in the trees .. handsome classical face musician .. the sound of the chickens clucking ., along with the magnificent Cura ..thought it could note get better until the maestro started singing .. then I knew he was an Angel Singing in Heaven on Earth .. ohhh wish I understood what he was singing .. I loved way the Cura makes a drum sound too as he plays.. but the 4 gun shots & the animal scream 9 minutes in was a bit scary .. ..

  41. Daniel Potter

    I love the rustic farm setting with random animals coming and going

  42. Christopher Duncan

    The cat @4:15 has lag

  43. M. Afridho Septian

    i love the fat cat cameo

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