The Killers – Mr. Brightside

Music video by The Killers performing Mr. Brightside. (C) 2004 The Island Def Jam Music Group.

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  1. Zachary Nuttall


  2. 1mortalkombatlover

    comments: Everyone in existence knows this song and it's lyrics

    me: say what now? i've never heard this song before in my life.

    the sounds of hellfire and mob chanting grows

  3. TURNT

  4. lucellaa •

    i heard this song on the radio and i was trying to think what this song was called and now it just pops up in my recommended.

  5. The Real Bad bitch

    If you don’t know the lyrics to the you’re still a egg

  6. EDeeire

    I had this as my ringtone back in the days. Good ol’ High School memories

  7. Layla Kincaid

    is this Moulin Rouge? xD

  8. Justin Viduya

    Omg so this is where that guitar melody was from

  9. Susan Margrave

    I remember when this song came out and loved it but for whatever reason, I will always think of the film The Holiday and see Cameron Diaz singing and dancing to this song, always.

  10. Zerotangent4441

  11. Max Combs

    I miss the early 2000s

  12. Chris Wright

    45 view more until 301,000,000 😀

  13. Merica Bubba

    Why do I feel like I already know this song!?

  14. No nut November be like

  15. Salty Otter

    is this what heaven feels like

  16. Janet Garcia

    All my emo kids that come to listen to this everyday like this❤️

  17. I main IQ

    Brings back my prom nights of a girl leaving me and I just chill in the bathroom

  18. La Banda De Chivas

    300 M 🎶🎶🎶

  19. Audrey Haught

    Nails looking better than mine

  20. Marta Lopez Pujante

    is this panic at the disco v1?

  21. Sophie West

    300 million views?!?!

  22. Alice Predusca

    This is so cool. My friend showed it to me today and I cant stop listening!!!!

  23. Adam Watson

    Bands never pin stuff

  24. 77Darksaveour99 `

    This song has more views then YOU'RE MY WONDERWALLLLLL

  25. Denny Le

    Man this song takes me back. I'm not old……..

  26. Häferlkaffee

    Uncomfortably relatable

  27. Rosenberg

    1:39 his face 🙁

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