Tool – Schism – Lyrics [ 1080p – High Quality ]

Buy Lateralus Audio CD at Amazon: Tool – Schism from the album “Lateralus”. It is my first upload, please do comment. All credits goes …

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  1. Tristan Leiva

    i know the pieces fit…she didnt i guess.

  2. GojiFan1999

    Please put tool on Spotify. Thanks

  3. Aiden's Girlfriend


  4. RiderTom3000 TCG

    What’s the time sig !?!?

  5. RiderTom3000 TCG

    Steve T sent me here.

  6. Tequia Blankenship

    No better party music then TOOL!!!!

  7. panu891


  8. Is the image moving or am I still tripping… fuck 🙁

  9. Free your mind

    I'm gonna fuck to this…

  10. Davide Dave Beninato

    Here in 2018.

  11. Christopher Burr

    Can't wait download 2019 ../

  12. Kokid83

    Mere dreams are frozen lavaaaa!! Mere dreams are frozen lava aaaaahhh!!

  13. Zane Dickens

    “I’ve done the meth enough to know the dangers of our second guessing”

  14. Sympathy Devil

    Tool was sadly imo (in my opinion) an underrated band, to me they didn't really crack into mainstream. Maybe they refused to sell their soul for money or fame. If you (any person, place, being, entity, thing) feel numb, emotionless, disconnected from the world around you, implore you to go help someone else, however, you can. It might be something small as going on any platform and putting out positive comments, find streams that are small, look for videos with small views. Watch the video and comment what you actually liked about the video. Encourage those underdogs, find those diamonds that are buried under the crap of algorithims. Yes the algorithims may lift up crap and bury those who choose to be different or has potential. Sometimes it is not the individual, sometime there truly are outside forces that interfere. I won't stop, even if I step away it will only be for a moment. I know I matter and the powers know it too. Loves and hugs. Princess.

  15. Andres Felipe Gomez Rivera

    I know the princess's feet

  16. Jake Woronoff

    “I’ve done the math” Maynard in a nutshell

  17. skeleton crew

    Its hard to find great rock that is clean and sounds amazing

  18. Marnold Bear

    Download 2019!!!! Fuck yeah!

  19. G4ME SH4RK

    Anyone else also here to hype themselves up for Download 2019 UK

  20. Savage Savant

    An absolute musical masterpiece!

  21. Owen Casarella

    Change the speed to 1.25 and you can really headband to it

  22. Tyler Waldrop

    3:30 tho

  23. , 46+2 is ahead of all of us,Iam headed there ,on my way,crawling on my belly ,picking my scabs again.

  24. Bruno Massana


  25. Bit Goblin

    Words of wisdom – Tool, always in the shuffle !

  26. slappy slaphead

    The pieces fit just fine

  27. lonewolf 92

    right on

  28. Mattias Sjögren

    5 thousand dislikes?! Help me tell, who are these dislikers?

  29. Martha Sena

    Aaaaah bliss

  30. Tinfoil Prophet

    Damn this is a mood right now

  31. Rigo Garcia

    Everyone’s here for the bass line but am I the only one that thinks this might be one of the best metal/rock (whatever the fuck you wanna label it) songs of all time?

  32. Al Moist honest

    The desert fox here. All Hail Hydra!

  33. anthony eartly

    Tool best band to ever live

  34. Alan Gonzalez

    Baseline amazing but don’t forget the drums. The best!

  35. Rafael Maleakhi Lumban Batu

    I've done the math enough to know the dangers of our second guessing

    In just this one line, makes me thinking and wondering so much, great lyric

  36. help sanukhuna

    tool soothe me when i am in pain, give mr company when i am high or fucked. Tool is everywhere, every song should be a national anthem

  37. Daniel Lindaman

    Who is still listening to this in 2018

  38. Daniel Lindaman

    One of my favorite songs by this band

  39. Dave Feeley

    We'll make great Pets!

  40. Vagner Phillipe

    This is the most complex message passed through a music I heard in my hole life. Its like hearing a guide on how to have empaty to find the happiness within the comunication with the others, and I feel it all now. I felt like blessed, this music came in perfect time in my life.

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