Turkish 70’s Funk and Anatolian Rock on Vinyl (Part I)

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  1. reymistaryo rick

    Geez this collection is litterally AMAZING

  2. Osman E.

    It's called Anatolian Rock. Not Groovy Funk or Psychedelic Rock.

  3. Mike Bridge

    Great stuff–never heard this before. Hello from Canada!

  4. Rui Borges

    Great Stuff! It Rocks!

  5. Emmanuel Nieto

    Dude!!!! On behalf of all music lovers. THANK YOU!!!!!! Thanks for being that one individual to show us all more awesome music 🤙🤘👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. SmallerDrums

    What's your setup (turntable and mixer), dear sir?

  7. Özgür Coşkuner

    All these songs are so emotional, u may also enjoy reading the lyrics. 🙂

  8. snow politics

    daaaamn I'd love to have Barış and Ersen on vinyl. thanks for the upload!

  9. Pietro Di Bello

    https://youtu.be/TFJPBCmS1_Q wonderful !!!

  10. immrnoidall

    sounds like a country band trying to play as they are driven down a really bumpy road.

  11. immrnoidall

    nincompoop, nincompoop , nin com pooooop.

  12. ted kaczyansky

    Zurna çalınca halay çekmişlermdir acaba ..

  13. Khadijah JH

    So beautiful 😍 I wish this come with subtitles

  14. Freshly Grazed

    Smashed that Sub button… RIP Sub button

  15. Olivier De Haas

    If the televizyion track wasnt a smash hit ill eat my fez

  16. Olivier De Haas

    Greetings from the netherlands.
    Recommend me a compilation of this and i will be forever gratefull.in the meantime onwards to part 2.

  17. Im Blue

    Harika parçalar 22.10.18

  18. gökay demirkan

    Biri bizimkinden Türkçe plak istemişte, bizimkide sevmediği tüm plakları vermiş

  19. lazy. taledragon

    I really love all of them but whenever I hear Gülden Karaböceks voice, I just feel it so much. Great choice with choosing her as the first one. I am a kurdish person but still love and enjoy these so much. Greetings from Germany, thanks for the work you put in!

  20. bamsı beyrek

    Eee kocası rehin olan kadının sonunda ne oldu?

  21. MarvelDcImage

    We see this with hip hop – countries see what is trending in the US and they copy the music trend with the local language. Sadly hip-hop is horrible musician-ship and here and in other countries they producing real music even if they are copying the music trends.

  22. Cannuration Space

    Wow what a great way to share music… it's more of an experience this way for sure! Thanks!

  23. matycee

    Wow… the first 5 seconds of this video is PURE TENSION!!! The buildup to pressing play was… was, exquisite.

  24. Du bist wie ein T-Rex, grosses Maul aber kein Bizeps.


  25. John McCue

    This sound sold me cocaine.

  26. noopur mer

    Stumbled upon this music.. the 70s were before I was born but I feel everywhere was cool in that era.. the culture, the music, the politics gave birth to this zeitgeist which is so unique.. love the 70s and 80s..

  27. Mr. B a n a n a

    Love it !!!! Hello from.mexico

  28. Van Go Ventures

    I’m a metal head from California and I love the groove going on here. Peace!

  29. i love you for this dude

  30. Giovanna Cruz

    Muito bonito!

  31. nogay dalkılınç

    Check this channel for more.

  32. mata suran

    Eşi benzeri olmayan bir müzik kültürü. Alt yapıya bakıyorsun gayet batı ama bildiğimiz Anadolu köy müziği. Benim favorim bu tanımdan farklı olan bir aranjman: Şimdi ne yapsam . Orjinalinden güzel.

  33. The Rooster

    I truly believe the 60s/70s was the peak of fashion, music, and culture in general, worldwide. Ive believed that for years now and doubt my belief will ever change.

  34. Den¡z

    haha dude im turkish and you can be sure about that this is not psychdelic rock. Great effort though.. keep it up m8 👍

  35. Daco Krofnarski

    Love this. Love and peace from Macedonia.

  36. Doug Tarnopol

    Neat stuff! I was in Istanbul for a week, and Turkey for 18 days, twenty years ago–lovely country; most beautiful city I've ever been in. Too bad it, like the US and everywhere else, is going far-right.

  37. Voodoo Child

    Yakasi Öpülecek Adamsin. Süper arsiv.

  38. Cort Fitzpatrick

    Thank you a million times over. Enjoying this in New Orleans, Louisiana

  39. cengiz acun

    Dünya literatürüne geçecek gerçek sanat eserleri ve sesler. 70 ve 80 ler en güzel eserler yapıldı bu memlekette. Şimdi ise balon sanatçılar ve şarkılar dolaşıyor emek vermişsiniz yüreğinize sağlık.

  40. Jonathan David

    I love your stuff man holy shit what a taste in music

  41. If you like vinyl, please check my last home dj set -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw6wAaZ1UNk

  42. Ben Usher

    much sick music here. awesome how the more traditional sounding stuff can fit with funky jazzy riffs

  43. Arianna Charan Kaur Castiglione

    Enjoying this on a Sunday afternoon whilst doing some paperwork. Subscribed

  44. hickinabiskit

    18:32 Nonagon Infinity opens the door.

  45. Michael Thomas

    @18:35 gyottt dayummm

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