Zedd – One Strange Rock (Piano Cover)

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  1. Rousseau

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  2. Rayanne Souza


  3. Kaustubh Gupta

    Simply mesmerizing….

  4. Masterchief the Conqueror

    I must ask. Is this piano over 18 years old?


    wow amazing

  6. LoveRosa13

    Love this. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. eco-naut

    Whenever I see this I think……"Zed Lepplin"

  8. stannie19981

    Wow! I like the way u edited it!

  9. Sky Walker

    1:13 ahh that’s hard

  10. Gottakill Gt

    That is one strange title for a song

  11. Nolan Brewer

    A piece I can actually play :0

  12. @Rousseau could you please comment what's your rig or where to buy something similar? Thank you!

  13. Septiyanto Nugroho


  14. marlene babyfun

    Juste magnifique

  15. Ahmed Ramz

    Just WoW

  16. Corey Thomas

    I can't stop beating my fists on my chair to this

  17. Leyfon D

    Me cago en la puta!

  18. Falling in love

  19. Max1m1l1ano# %Th3 Gr3at#

    I don’t know why this reminded me of something I can’t remember

  20. Gurung Saagar

    Naruto ……Despair💪💪

  21. Best Cover Ever of this track so far that i know of

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